Return of Willard

If you remember, when we moved to the suburbs, we were greeted with open paws by the local rat population, whom we immediately started to kill – with varying degrees of success.  By August, after several high profile rat rubouts, most of their rat peeps had fled the premises, never to return.  Or so we thought. Continue reading


Charity Begins at Home

We have recently become enamored of a new charity, designed to better the lot of our local communities on Long Island.

Here’s the very sad story.  Since the pesky economic crisis hit, many a Long Islander is finding it harder and harder to keep gas in their Hummer, Suburban, Expedition and of course Cadillac Escalade.  These poor SUVs are now languishing in the driveways of the modest McMansions that lard the leafy suburbs of Nassau and Suffolk Counties, leading to anguished cries echoing up through the double height atria of their owners’ humble abodes. Continue reading